Information Design is based on the concept that communication works best when the whole environment is taken into consideration. Whether a particular piece exists on paper, on the web, or on the intranet each medium has its own rules. A particular piece will be used in a particular way, buy a particular audience, with particular needs.   Las Vegas Writers Group — a friendly group of local writers - some published, some not - who get together every month (the third Thursday) to offer help, advice, and camaraderie. Wordsmith — the home of A.Word.A.Day — discover the magic of words. Local and Fun Links © 2010 WordStyle, Inc. Web site addresses are the 800 numbers of the 21st century. Related Writing Links Society for Technical Communication — The professional association that advances the arts and sciences of technical communication. Nevada chapter web site. Utesting — Kushner & Associates Usability Testing and Design Consulting Home Page. Explains the importance of usability testing to ensure that documents are user-friendly. Writers Write® — This site claims to be the Internet's largest writing site, consisting of thousands of web pages. It is a major online resouce for editors, publishers, and writers. A sub-page on the site is dedicated to technical writing information. Related Graphics Links Xara — All the graphics on this site were done with Xara Xtreme. It is a is a powerful vector and bitmap illustration program that's both lightning fast and easy to use ... making it the perfect tool for web graphics. It's easier to use, costs much less, and has more features than Illustrator®. Whether you're an artist, graphic designer, or merely need to modify clipart, you should give this "big" little program a try. Xara Xone — Gary Priester's Xara site. Here you can find tutorials, tips and tricks, and a fabulous featured artist gallery that will blow your socks off. Talk Graphics — A wonderful forum where you can get all your graphics questions answered by a very friendly crowd of artists, designers and dabblers. The most activity is in the Xara forums but there are also forums for web design, 3D, CorelDraw, Photoshop and Flash. The Pittsburgh Steelers — We are long-time, Terrible TowelTM  swinging members of the Steeler nation. Our one and only Sports Link