Information Design is based on the concept that communication works best when the whole environment is taken into consideration. Whether a particular piece exists on paper, on the web, or on the intranet each medium has its own rules. A particular piece will be used in a particular way, buy a particular audience, with particular needs.   Testimonial © 2010 WordStyle, Inc. Anybody can write — but just writing is not communicating.  Editing  Writing If you've written your thoughts down but need an expert to make sure they are grammatically correct, logically elegant, and effectively formatted, WordStyle can review and polish your ideas for the greatest impact. If you haven't had time to write your thoughts down, or just don't like to write, talk to us. Tell us what you want to say and we'll frame it for you so it says exactly what you intend. Whether it's business writing - letters, brochures, even e-mails - or technical writing - user manuals, installation instructions, specification sheets - our expertise will make your project shine. WordStyle's lead editor has a Master's degree in English, and WordStyle has over 40 years of combined editing experience. Let us make sure your written piece - no matter how large or small - does exactly what you want it to do. Contact WordStyle for all your writing and editing needs. We're fast, confidential, and thoroughly professional. Proofreading for grammar and punctuation Editing for sentence structure Reviewing word choices Checking paragraph structures for logic and coherency Ensuring the piece's tone is appropriate for the intent "I have worked with Tom and Mickie for over ten years, and they have helped me produce training manuals and sales material when I was an executive for one of the nation's leading retailers. In my current position with a not-for-profit organization, they have designed and written a wide variety of documents for me. They are always professional and courteous, and I have come to regard them as friends as much as business associates." Ruth S., Business Executive An Experienced Team Proofread by reading line-by-line right to left. This focuses you on what is there, not what you expect to be there.